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De Woodscape Pte. Ltd. operates on a made to measure basis directly with our factory, this means we will only produce an item once the order has been received. Accommodating our customers with their perfect choice makes the delivery process slightly more complex. Therefore our estimated delivery time is between 12-16 weeks. Upon arrival of your order in Singapore our team will contact you to schedule a delivery at your earliest convenience.

We carry in stocks for our popular items and require a preparation time of 2-4 weeks before delivery.


De Woodscape Pte. Ltd. does not accept any returns or exchanges unless otherwise stated. Customized products produced are specifically tailored for each individual’s home and might not suit another.

To determine whether your order is eligible for a return or exchange please refer to the Terms and Conditions.


We provide a 1-year warranty for the products bought from us, which commences on the date of delivery to the customer. The warranty covers the product to be free from manufacturing and workmanship defects. Improper use of product, maintenance, negligence and misuse do not fall under the warranty. The original receipt of purchase will have to be provided to verify the original owner and delivery address.

Natural characteristics that appear, occur or are displayed are not considered as a defect and is part of the aging process of solid wood. Some of the most common natural characteristics include, but are not limited to knots, cracks, grain and color variation, and wood markings. (picture of characteristics)

Solid wood reacts differently to the temperature and moisture level of each environment and a drastic change could swell, shrink or move the solid wood due to the inherent characteristics. The workmanship provided by our carpenters reduces this chance using appropriate joining techniques to accommodate the natural movements, however it is important to note that the owner has to continuously care for their furniture.