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1.1 Customized orders submitted require an acknowledgement from the customer before we start processing

1.2 Processing of orders will only commence once the required payment has been made.

1.3. Customized orders require 12-16 weeks processing time before delivery

1.4 In-stock products require 2-4 weeks processing time before delivery


2.1 Payments can be made in several methods:

2.1.1 VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners (Paypal online)

2.1.2 Cash payment

2.1.3 Bank Transfer

2.1.4 Cheque payment

2.2 Payment terms

2.2.1 Customized orders placed require a 70% deposit before we proceed with production. When the order is ready, the remaining balance is required before we schedule a delivery.

2.2.2 In stock products purchased require full payment.


De Woodscape Pte. Ltd. does not accept any returns or exchanges unless otherwise stated. Customized products produced are specifically tailored for each individual’s home and might not suit another.

3.1 Customized products

A product is considered customized when one or more of the following specifications has been changed or chosen:

– Dimension

– Color

– Legs

– Material

– Structure

3.2 Standard products

A product is considered a standard product when it is purchased in stock in the current state and does not require any more work done on the item. An item will only be eligible for a return or exchange if there is a manufacturing defect when unused. The following will not be eligible for a return or exchange when damage on the product has surfaced:

– Normal wear and tear

– Natural characteristics

– Misuse or abuse


4.1 A delivery will be scheduled at the customer’s convenience, if the delivery crew is unable to contact the customer during the delivery window while at their destination a delivery charge will have to be applied for re-delivery

4.2 It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the furniture prepared for delivery is able to manouver into the designated space. The customer takes responsibility if they wish to manouver the furniture into situations against the advice of the delivery crew

4.3 It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the furniture prepared for delivery is able to fit in the service lift, if the delivery has to be carried up the staircase additional charges will be applicable.

4.4 The delivery crew is not allowed to dispose or remove any used and replaced furniture and packaging from newly delivered furniture.

4.5 Occasionally products might be damaged during transition. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the furniture delivered for any defects or damages and inform the delivery crew to contact De Woodscape management to determine the best course of action.


5.1 Dimensions are approximate and may defer between 1-2cm and is not considered a defect.

5.2 The color of a product may defer due to the age of the wood and environment and is not considered a defect.

5.3 Not all customizations for dimensions and wood are possible as it would decrease the functionality of the product.

5.4 The durability of a product depends on how well the owner handles it, with proper care and maintenance it can last up to decades.

5.5 Live edge pieces will have natural shapes and more natural characteristics, these are in no way considered defects.


If the order is ready for delivery and the customer is unable to receive the order then a charge will be applied for the necessary period. The charge is determined by the size and duration.


7.1 Warranty for products purchase are covered for 1 year to be free from manufacturing and workmanship defects. Improper use of product, maintenance, negligence and misuse do not fall under the warranty. The original receipt of purchase will have to be provided to verify the original owner and delivery address.

7.2 Natural characteristics that appear, occur or are displayed are not considered as a defect and is part of the aging process of solid wood. Some of the most common natural characteristics include, but are not limited to knots, cracks, grain and color variation, and wood markings.


De Woodscape does it utmost effort to provide the most accurrate and transparent information, every now and then there may be slight inaccuraccies or mistakes displayed. It is the customer’s sole risk to take this into account when browsing through our website.

De Woodscape reserves the right to amend any of the policies without prior notice.